ITV boards Singapore Airlines turbulence disaster doc

Broadcast, Ellie Kahn, 27th June 2024

ITV boards Singapore Airlines turbulence disaster doc

Nine international broadcasters backing fast-turnaround Emporium film

ITV is among nine broadcasters to board an Emporium Productions’ fast-turnaround doc about the recent disaster that occurred when a Singapore Airlines flight encountered severe extreme turbulence.

The 1 x 60-minte film Turbulence: How Safe Is Your Flight? is due for delivery in July. As well as exploring whether the problem of turbulence is getting worse due to climate change, it will reveal how flight SQ321 from London to Singapore encountered severe turbulence, leading to the death of one person and injuries for others.

It will feature exclusive interviews with passengers, pilots and air crew, as well as aviation and climate scientists. The doc will also use flight simulations and user generated content.

Finance broker Silverlining Rights brought together nine international broadcasters to find the fast-turnaround doc. Lining up alongside ITV are Seven (Australia), WELT (Germany), TV4 (Sweden), MTV (Finland), TV2 (Denmark), RTL (Netherlands), DPG (Belgium), RTS (Switzerland) and SRL DA (worldwide). Discussions are ongoing with broadcasters in other territories.

Silverlining’s founder and managing director Bethan Corney said: “The dramatic events that struck Flight SQ321 made headlines around the world, and with so many people everywhere boarding international flights there’s a lot of personal interest everywhere in what happened to that particular flight, whether climate change will make repeat events more likely and what you can do to minimise your own risk.

“Turbulence: How Safe Is Your Flight? has mass global appeal and we expect more broadcasters and platforms to come on board with this topical, eye-opening and informative documentary.”

Emporium’s founder and managing director Emma Read said: “Emporium have extensive experience of fast turnaround films and Silverlining’s partnership was paramount once again to getting our   documentary fully funded and into production in just five days.

“The film features exclusive interviews with passengers and aviation experts, and we are thrilled that audiences around the world will be able to watch the revelations in our topical documentary that affect the lives of everyone who travels by air.”