At New York’s Penn Station, the busiest in the western world, they deal with 1,500 trains and 700,000 people every day.

And that’s a major challenge for those who meet and greet passengers on Penn’s multi-level concourse.

“You gotta keep moving. If they announce the track and you are in their way you are going to get knocked down,” says Customer Ambassador Ashley Lynn.“Remember that scene in the Lion King when Simba is in the canyon and all the wildebeest come rushing down? That’s what happens when they announce your track number at Penn Station,” says station announcer Raymond Quaglio.

At the magnificent Grand Central Terminal, the art nouveau masterpiece built by the tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt in midtown Manhattan, there is more going on than just the arrival and departure of trains.

This is a destination in its own right, one of the most visited tourist spots in New York. It has a tennis court on the second floor, fine dining restaurants like the Oyster Bar and a huge vaulted ceiling decorated with the night sky constellations.

“It is a great temple of transportation.  You really do have the feeling that you are walking into a cathedral or an incredible gateway to transport you to another place,” says Amy Hausmann of the New York Transit Museum.

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