Silverlining unveils World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes

TBI Vision, Richard Middleton – 28 May 2021

Silverlining unveils World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes

UK-based production finance broker and distribution agent Silverlining Rights is seeking buyers for eight-part travel series World’s Most Beautiful Landscapes, which is set to debut on More4 in the UK next week.

The show has been produced by Emporium Productions, with Silverlining closing the funding gap with a sales advance. The Bristol-based firm has previously worked with Emporium on Smithsonian Network’s Nepal Quake: Terror On Everest.

Emporium’s MD Emma Read said the show used NASA and ESA satellite footage, in addition to local producers around the world, to “explore nature, geography, geology, history and humanity, from the wonders of the Amazon to the secrets of the Scottish Highlands.”

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