As a specialist Co-Pro Broker and Distribution Agent, we take pleasure in being bespoke “matchmakers” for passionate creatives and savvy media buyers who care about non-scripted content.

Silverlining Rights

Silverlining Rights represents quality factual acquisitions on behalf of award-winning producers.

If you are a channel buyer, we’ll work closely with you to understand your acquisition needs and handpick content from our catalogue, which best fits your schedule.  We know that you are time poor so our primary purpose is to make your life easier by recommending content that “works” for you and your audience.

If you are a producer, as your distribution agent we will put care and attention into finding the “right” homes for your completed programmes, handholding you through the intricacies of the distribution process.  Our primary purpose is to take the headache out of programme sales by doing it for you in a way that gives you control over the exploitation of your own rights.

How is Silverlining Rights different to a content distributor?

We Agent … we are here to represent you the producer, negotiating sales and license agreements on your behalf.  You keep control of your rights and receive payment directly from the channel.

We Share… we will share our tailor-made marketing strategy for your content and inform you of every channel offer that we receive. You choose if you’d like us proceed with the deal on your behalf.

We React… if your programme is a fast-turnaround or time-sensitive, we will use our market intelligence to secure pre-sales in a matter of hours. 

We Selectonly the projects that we believe in and which we know buyers will love as much as us.  Your content will have high visibility on our boutique catalogue.

We Maximise… We care about your content reaching as many platforms as possible.  Our pledge to you is that we will regularly refresh the marketing strategy for your content to give it the best chance of being noticed and picked up by the right buyers.

We Connect… we have well-established contacts with key buyers around the world and work actively to maintain them.

Silverlining Co-Pro Brokering

We work with broadcasters around the world to source all or part-finance for factual series and specials.  Since launching in 2012, we’ve raised over £12 million in production finance for a range of non-scripted productions – from multi-award winning one-offs like Children on The Frontline (ITNP for C4, ARTE, PBS, SVT, DR, Sky Vision) and Shark Girl (Kaufmann for Smithsonian, ABC, Terra Mater) to populist series like Missing Evidence (Blink for Smithsonian, C5, Foxtel, Blue Ant), Secret Life of Pets (ITNP for C5, AP, France 5 and SVT, ABA) and Close Encounters (Newroad Media for Science and Discovery Canada) and fast turnaround documentaries including How Safe Are Our Planes? MH17: Murder in the Sky and Virgin Killer (ITNP for C4).

Each project that we work on is unique.  We work collaboratively with each client to create a fund-raising strategy bespoke and personal to you and your idea.

Why Work with Us?

We Care … about doing the best job that we can – for you.  Our raison d’etre is to make things happen and to make a difference.

We Believe… in your idea and our ability to represent it.  We work on a no-win, no-fee basis – so if we take your idea on, we have faith in it editorially, creatively and commercially!

We Relate… to both programme-makers and channel buyers.  We listen carefully to the needs of all parties with the intent of brokering happy, successful and long-lasting partnerships.

We Know… the international marketplace and have long-standing relationships with the key commissioners and an instinct for knowing who wants what!

We Collaborate… with you with one aim in mind: to get your ideas funded and into production in a way that makes sense for you both creatively and commercially.