The Great House Giveaway Season 2


30 x 60'

Production company

Chwarel TV

Commissioning channels


In this BAFTA winning property show, two strangers are offered the chance to get on the property ladders as they are given the cash to buy, renovate and sell a house. If they can increase the value and sell, they split the profit! But if they can't work together they could lose everything.

Presented by Simon O'Brien this is the ultimate renovation challenge. The new home owners are given a limited budget and have six months to transform their run-down property into a desirable and most importantly sellable home with just the smallest of help from the experts.

Showing property renovation and 'flipping' as it really is, this show doesn't shy away from the disasters or the economic up's and down's and when it goes wrong, the couples must pay the price. But for those who get it right, the rewards and transformations can be life-changing.

Contact us for screeners - total volume 80 x 60'.

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