Gymnastics: A Culture of Abuse?


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Longtail Films

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With the Olympics coming up in Summer 2024, this brand new documentary chronicles the fight for justice by British former gymnasts who say they were physically, emotionally, or sexually abused as children by their coaches.

The men and women – some of whom are telling their stories for the first time – are suing the sport’s governing body, British Gymnastics.

The programme reveals how a national coach had sex with an underage gymnast, as well as allegations of how a former Olympian touched two of his pupils inappropriately at a gym in York, and how another leading coach plied a gymnast on tour with alcohol. The York coach denies the allegations and has not been charged in relation to them.

The film details their accounts of how their experiences devastated their lives – from damaging their relationships to driving them into anorexia and alcohol addiction.

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Screener: Gymnastics: A Culture of Abuse?