Edward and Wallis: The Bahamas Scandal


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From the producers of Traitor King, comes a new Edward VIII exposé, uncovering secret affairs, blackmail, money laundering and murder, during the couples five-year exile to The Bahamas.

The couple were deemed pro-Nazi and a liability during the war. In an effort to remove the threat, Churchill gave Edward the post of Governor to The Bahamas but from the moment they stepped off the boat, there were problems... Now, top secret files and newly recovered FBI and government records, reveal shocking secrets - from lavish spending, to fraternizing with known Nazi sympathisers, including strong suspicion Wallis was conducting an affair with a German Nazi officer plus disastrous interventions in global politics with the couple trying to influence the US - a move which could have spelled catastrophe for Europe, and involvement in a notorious unsolved murder.

Fully documented for the first time, are these the most outrageous years for this most notorious and dangerous royal couple?

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Screener: Edward and Wallis: The Bahamas Scandal