Discovery, Smithsonian probe Flight 370

C21Media, Nico Franks 3rd April 2014

C21Media, Nico Franks
3rd April, 2014

Discovery Networks International (DNI) and Smithsonian Channel in the US have both commissioned one-hour investigations into the disappearance of Flight 370.

DNI has ordered Flight 370: The Missing Links, which attempts to gather the foremost thinkers in aviation and security to explore key questions surrounding the mystery.

The fate of the Malaysian Airlines plane remains a mystery after it disappeared on March 8.

The doc is produced by ITN Productions and will air in more than 220 countries and territories worldwide on Discovery Channel this month.

Meanwhile, Smithsonian Channel considers the impact the disaster will have on the future of aviation, as well as how a commercial airline and its 239 passengers could just disappear, in Malaysia 370: The Plane That Vanished.

Among those interviewed for the doc are Bob van der Linden, Roger Conner and Andrew K Johnston of the National Air and Space Museum. Also produced by ITN Productions, the doc premieres on Smithsonian Channel this Sunday.