Circular Media: A Uruguayan player that is making it’s way into the global audiovisual scene.

Señal News. Romina Rodríguez 15th November 2023

Circular Media: A Uruguayan player that is making it’s way into the global audiovisual scene.

The producer and distributor left an indelible mark in key markets such as Iberseries, MIPJunior and MIPCOM, where it concluded significant international agreements. Its director, Nicolás Valdés, talks about its strategic and varied catalog and shares his vision for the

With a catalog as diverse as it is captivating, ranging from children’s animations to renowned dramas and documentaries, Circular Media was able to adapt and grow even during the challenges presented by the pandemic. Its director, Nicolás Valdés, points out this time as a catalyst for opportunities.  “We adapt and continue to grow, enriching our catalog with content that captures global attention,” he says .

Internationally, the company managed to successfully position various animations such as “Bubú y Las Lechucitas” which was acquired by beIN Media in Qatar, Canal Futura in Brazil and Canela TV in the United States and Latin America . Meanwhile, “Boris and Rufus” now entertains audiences at TelevisaUnivision in Mexico and IRTP in Peru . The success in the children’s market is reinforced by the sale of “Tina and Tony” to Pakapaka in Argentina and to Semillitas, reaching an extensive audience on the American continent. “Los Chocolix” joins the group, evidencing a rich and varied children’s catalog.

The company also scaled its influence in Latin America by becoming the exclusive Sales Associate of Silverlining . This expansion is marked with the success of “My King Charles III”, sold to Globo for broadcast on GNT and Globoplay.

Circular Media deploys an international catalog with offers from Portugal such as the acclaimed series “Chegar a Casa” and “Ao Largo” by SPi, along with the innovative series “Contado por Mulheres” by Ukbar . From Canada, it establishes its presence through the distribution of “Anyway” and “The Phoenix”, the result of its collaboration with Amuz Distribution. Delving into Brazil’s cinematographic wealth, the company promotes renowned films such as “João o Maestro” and the novel “Verona”, while managing the international representation of outstanding Argentine productions, including the series “Survival Manual” and the movie “Let’s Walk Valentina”.

Expanding its vision to the south of the continent, Circular Media introduces the Filipino soap opera “A Family Affair” in strategic markets such as Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Brazil.  “We have a great capacity to link global narratives with the Latin American audience and reinforce our role as a cultural bridge in the entertainment industry,” stated Valdéz.

With the production of the feature film “Astronauta”, Circular Media expands its horizon in the film industry in collaboration with Tondero of Peru , with the support of the Uruguay Audiovisual Program.

Valdés emphasizes the importance of the success history and reputation of the associated production companies in the selection of their catalog, in addition to opportunity and instinct. “We have become more meticulous over the years, now seeking worldwide rights and exclusivity, always with the goal of bringing stories that resonate globally ,” he said. “After five years of perfecting our acquisition strategy, we position ourselves as an indispensable player in the international entertainment scene, connecting cultures through stories that transcend borders,” concluded the director of Circular Media .