• Inside The World’s Most Luxurious Prison

    Presenter Ann Widdecombe takes a look inside Norway's Halden Prison, where inmates share plush flats, dine on sushi and even record rap records. While its humane approach has been revered by some, Halden Prison has been accused by others of being too luxurious.

  • Kings Cross: Then and Now

    A look at the development of the London railway terminus from its opening in 1852 to the present, as it has been transformed into one of the best-connected places in Britain.

  • Wonderful World of Cakes

    A true blend of factual curiosity with indulgent baking-porn, you really won't be able to watch this series without reaching for the treat tin...

  • Critical Condition Series 2

    The ground-breaking medical programme returns for a gripping new season, once again reflecting the minute-by-minute reality of the emergency room.

  • Rankin’s 2020

    ‘Rankin’s 2020’ is the world-famous photographer’s most ambitious photographic project yet. He’s capturing the spirit of this extraordinary year in photographs taken by members of the public all over the globe.

  • GPs: Behind Closed Doors – Series 7

    The hit fixed-camera rig show is back for a 7th series. In this season filming takes place behind the closed doors of a busy general practice in Birmingham.

  • GPs: Behind Closed Doors – Series 6

    Channel 5’s landmark documentary series enters its sixth series, moving to the Ridge Medical Centre in Bradford.

  • The Secret World Of Your Rubbish S2

    Every year, across the globe, we throw away a colossal 2 billion tonnes of waste. Whether it’s our lunch leftovers; heating our homes; or the goods we buy – everything we use eventually ends up as rubbish. But what we chuck away, has got to go somewhere….

  • Sex in Lockdown

    COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world, changing every
    aspect of human existence - including our sex lives. But has
    lockdown seen us getting busy with wild abandon or has corona put a
    big fat dampener on our desire?

  • Reggie Yates’ Extreme

    Award winning filmmaker Reggie Yates travels around the world investigating big issues such as gun violence, racism, gay rights and addiction.
    From Cape Town to Chicago, London to Moscow, Reggie explores controversial topics and goes on a journey through the extremes of life all over the world.

  • POLICE: Hour Of Duty

    A new and unique perspective on what police officers do minute by minute, hour by hour.

  • The Hunt For Britain’s Slave Gangs

    Thousands of people across Britain, are being forced into human slavery by ruthless gangs. This Special follows West Midlands Police as they bring down one of the biggest gangs that’s ever been caught.

  • Peter: The Human Cyborg

    Robotic scientist, Peter Scott-Morgan has Motor Neurone Disease. We follow him as he turns himself into the world's first human cyborg, with the help of a team of international doctors, scientists, engineers and designers.


    Investigative doc uncovering the secrets of Agatha Christie's vivid imagination and shockingly dark mind.


    Secrets of the Mega Resort dives into the turquoise waters of an enormous Caribbean hotel complex to find out how it’s possible to provide a five-star service to 9,000 guests at once.

  • The Massacre That Shook The Empire

    On 13 April 1919, British troops shot hundreds of peaceful protesters dead in India. Writer Sathnam Sanghera retraces the build-up to the massacre and examines its legacy.

  • The Secret World of Your Rubbish

    This documentary series offers a fascinating insight into the lifecycle of rubbish. From sweet wrappers to road tyres, scrapping cars to excessive food waste, The Secret World of Your Rubbish gives audiences a behind the scenes look at what happens after we throw things away.

  • Manhunt: Catch Me If You Can

    Three-part series following a 10-strong specialist tactical unit from Kent Police who track down and capture suspects who have gone on the run.

  • Critical Condition

    Unparalleled access to one of the UK's leading trauma centres. Every moment is chaotic, dramatic and unrelenting.

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