Silverlining Press Release

Thursday 27th February 2020


Quintet of channels pick up ‘How to Have a Better Orgasm’


Boutique factual distributor, Silverlining, has signed multiple deals with channels globally to acquire an intimate new documentary ahead of its UK premiere. How to Have a Better Orgasm, from producers Knickerbockerglory, is a stylishly shot, frank look at the complexities of the female climax, featuring a cast of eight diverse women, sharing their innermost secrets. The one hour documentary will air on Channel 5 at 10pm on Thursday 27 February 2020.


“We had intense interest in this title at MIPCOM, particularly from European channels,” says Samantha Sintes, Global Content Sales Exec for Silverlining. “Once the programme delivered the offers rolled in – Knickerbockerglory have really succeeded in turning a sensitive subject into a thought-provoking but entertaining piece of television.”


Channels who have picked up How to Have a Better Orgasm include TV2 Denmark, SVT Sweden, DPG Media in Belgium and NRK Norway. Down under, SBS got first dibs on the documentary for Australia.


From their first ever sexual experiences to marital sex, menopause and having an active sex life well into their 80s, How to Have a Better Orgasm sees the female contributors proudly sharing their unique experiences and most personal preferences. “The time feels entirely right to open up the conversation on female pleasure.” says Executive Producer Natalie von Hurter. “It was important to be able to treat such an intimate subject delicately, but also to be open and tell each story in a relatable way.” The all-female crew were able to draw out honest and intimate accounts from the contributors, which were then intercut in the post production process with abstract macro images of the female form, resulting in a classy treatment of the subject. “It’s a real tribute to our incredibly brave and wonderful cast that the film is so watchable – both funny and moving,” reveals Natalie. “Their stories will undoubtedly tell us all something which we can learn from and relate to.”


How to Have a Better Orgasm is a perfect complement to similar candid content on the Silverlining slate, including Student Sex Workers (2 x 60’) and First Time Call Girl (1 x 60’) both also produced by Knickerbockerglory for Channel 5.





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