POLICE: Hour Of Duty


4 x 60'

Production company

Brinkworth Television

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 5



Police Hour of Duty is a police show like no other. Each hectic episode captures the incidents Derbyshire police force must tackle in just one 60 minute period – from 9pm to 10pm.

Every night sees officers coping with a wide range of cases, from missing children to drug house stake-outs and from warrants being actioned to domestic violence calls, revealing how they must fight crime against the clock.

Filled with suspense and tension, Police Hour of Duty is a brand new documentary format. With cameras embedded across the force, every episode delivers an access-all-areas deep-dive inside a force that never stands still.

Police: Hour of Duty premiered on Channel 5 on Monday 4th May 2020 at 9pm. The first episode ranked Number 1 across the channel group for the week (Barb) and attracted over two million viewers over a 28 day period. Most popular among young men, it delivered a 10.6% share of their viewing - almost double the slot average and up 39% for share vs slot overall.

Episode One

Episode 1

At 9pm, It’s a busy night in Comms HQ as 999 requests flood in. On the line is a woman claiming to have swallowed over 40 pills who desperately needs help. At the same time, officers in the Proactive Unit are following up on a raid earlier in the day when they arrested three people thought be part of a ‘county lines’ drug dealing operation. With the suspects in custody, can they persuade the Crown Prosecution Service that they have enough evidence to secure a charge?

In another part of the force, it’s 9:15pm and a team is preparing to go undercover to disrupt a prostitution ring while 30 minutes later a car has ploughed into someone’s garden and the driver has fled the scene. Was this just an accident or was the driver drunk?

Back in Comms HQ, it’s 9:20pm and another 999 call comes in from a distressed mother whose daughter has attacked her and officers race to the scene. With violent domestic incidents on the rise, the police are tackling hundreds every week facing often tragic circumstances. For this mother, it is a call she never wanted to make.

Filled with suspense and tension, this episode of Police Hour of Duty delivers a new and unique perspective on the challenges faced every day by the police.

Episode Two

Episode 2

In this episode, Debyshire Police Comms HQ are dealing with a woman who is threatening suicide and heading towards a bridge. It’s just past 9pm and a police unit is dispatched to track her down but on arrival at her home, find it empty. Knowing that time is of the essence, they begin to trawl the streets looking for her.

Over in the Proactive Unit, a three month long investigation into a local organised crime group, has ended in the arrest of a suspect. They believe that he might have a shotgun and also be part of a drug ring. The defendant takes a seat in the custody interview room and faces questions from an officer. Is he dealing class A drugs or just a user?

Meanwhile another call comes in that’s every mother’s worst nightmare. A 10 year old boy climbs out of his front window and has left his home. His parents make the heart-breaking call to the police to report a missing person. Within moments, twelve officers are on Derby’s streets searching for the child as a high priority incident.

With more emergency calls pouring in, from tense domestic incidents to a suspected stabbing, this episode of Police Hour of Duty delivers a new and unique perspective on the challenges faced every day by the police.

Episode Three

Episode 3

In this episode, it’s 9.01pm and officers are attending a notorious pub where a man has been found with facial wounds after an assault. No one at the pub claims to have seen anything or wants to talk about what happened, and the team now must analyse CCTV to try and piece together the case. 

The Public Protection Unit is also busy with a high-risk domestic violence case. The suspect has been in custody for nearly 24 hours and time is running out to get a charging decision. Will they be able to charge the man involved as the partner is unwilling to give evidence?

Later on, the Safer Neighbourhood Team are reviewing the evidence after a raid on a property that is suspected to be linked to drug dealing. It’s been an all-day operation and several people have been arrested and taken into custody. As the clock ticks on, will the evidence seized be enough to convince the Crown Prosecution Service to charge?   

Meanwhile, back in Comms HQ, a call handler is dealing with a victim who is being threatened in her car by four men in balaclavas. Police are dispatched on high alert, but will they get there in time?

With more emergency calls pouring in, from a head on driving collision to a callout to another domestic incident, this episode of Police: Hour of Duty delivers a new and unique perspective on the challenges faced every day by the police.

Episode Four

Episode 4

At 9pm, it’s a busy night in Comms HQ as 999 requests flood in. A man has gone missing. He didn’t come home last night and 24 hours on, his partner is worried that he might be at risk. Response teams are dispatched, but with a large area to search, can they find him?

Elsewhere in the force, detectives are investigating a man who is alleged to have been grooming a 14-year-old boy. Alerted by a vigilante group, the police have arrested the suspect. But with the suspect refusing to answer any questions, are the team able to pull together enough evidence in time to secure a charge?

As the hour moves on, back at Comms HQ, the Force Incident Manager coordinates a response to assist a teenager who has been stabbed. Armed officers are sent to search and arrest the suspects who also discover a cannabis factory on their premises.

In another part of the force, a curious case has emerged. A burglar has decided to strip off his own clothes while the burglary was in progress and change into others in the house. But what’s really puzzling the team is that he made no attempt to hide himself as he left the building. Did he want to be caught red-handed?

Filled with suspense and tension, this episode of Police: Hour of Duty delivers a new and unique perspective on the challenges faced every day by the police.

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