Police: Hour of Duty | Series Two


4 x 60'

Production company

Brinkworth Television

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 5

A police show like no other, Police Hour of Duty is back for a second series, capturing the incidents and cases that Derbyshire Constabulary tackle head on, in just one action packed sixty minute period – from 9 to 10pm.
Drug house stake-outs, organised crime, dramatic chases, assaults, robbery and hair raising emergency rescues; every episode sees officers hurled into a wide range of tense cases - the threat of violence around every corner - to reveal how they fight crime against the clock. With cameras embedded across the force, Police Hour of Duty delivers an access-all-areas deep-dive inside a force that never stands still.

Ratings: Series Two averaged 1.3m / 6.4% across the four episodes | Peaked at 1.4m / 6.9% | Overall share was above slot average, most notably among the younger 16-34 audience which grew by 7%

Channel 5 was the 4th most popular terrestrial channel whilst this series aired.

Beat , Channel 4 and rose to 3rd place among 16-34's.

A total of 4.4m people tuned in to watch series across the four episodes. a third of whom watched at least two episodes

Episode 1

Documentary following Derbyshire police on duty between 9pm and 10pm, beginning as officers prepare to raid the address of a suspected drug dealer with links to an organised crime group. At Comms HQ it is a hectic night and at 9.10pm a woman calls 999 reporting that her brother is threatening to slit his wrists.

Ratings: Consolidated at 1.14m / 5.42%. Slot average: 1.23m/6.24%

Episode 2

A specialist taskforce prepares to raid a premises with suspected links to an organised crime gang, and fear they may come under attack as they try and force entry. Later, police receive reports that a woman has been assaulted by her partner and is bleeding from the head.

Episode 3

Police arrest a woman who is on a rampage with a hammer, but when another family member turns up and starts abusing officers, they are faced with a potentially violent situation. Meanwhile, a chilling call comes in from a supermarket as a shopper is spotted browsing the aisles with an eight-inch knife in his back pocket.

Episode 4

A state zero is called and all officers are immediately dispatched to an emergency.

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