Critical Condition Series 4


8 x 60'

Production company

Brinkworth Television

Year of production


Commissioning channels

Channel 5



The award winning and critically acclaimed series, returns for a new season. The series follows the medical teams at the Royal Stoke University Hospital as they work to save the lives of their most critical patients. Filmed over the last six months, each programme witnesses urgent, remarkable life-saving care.

With extraordinary access to NHS staff and to the patients and families involved, the powerful and engaging series follows their efforts to provide time critical care for those whose lives hang in the balance.

In the first episode 26 year old Tino is rushed into hospital after a car crash. It’s clear that he is suffering from excruciating abdominal pain. Immediately suspicious that the force of the crash could have done more widespread damage, Trauma Team Leader Julie Norton rushes her patient to scan, where her worst fears are revealed. Tino is suffering from a potentially life-threatening aortic tear, which if left untreated, could burst – killing him in seconds. Meanwhile first year university student Izaac, is rushed in for surgery to remove a tumour which is sitting perilously close to the part of his brain which controls his speech and time is of the essence for Mohan who is rushed in gasping for air during a potentially catastrophic asthma attack.

Unflinching and unrelenting, this is Critical Condition.

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Series 4 launched on C5 in May 2023 securing a 5.6% share in the primetime 9pm slot.

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